We devote our design talents and our technical expertise to the production of living environments that contribute to well-being, based on leading practices in sustainable development and proactive support with our customers.

Zarate Lavigne - Service architecture


Imagine, design, live: our passion is the concrete shaping of your dreams and your project ideas. Our interest is to bring simplicity, beauty and efficiency to each of our mandates. By listening to your needs, our experts support you from the initial idea to the completion of any type of project: single-family residential or multi-residential, commercial, offices and institutional.. (page in french)

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  • Study of site potential
  • Preparation of functional and technical program (PFT)
  • Construction Code and Building Regulation Analysis
  • Architectural design
  • Healthy materials’ analysis
  • Tendering
  • Permit Applications
  • Construction site quality inspection
  • Ecological certification (ex: LEED, Living Building Challenge)
Zarate Lavigne - Service de design d'intérieur

Interior design

Projects designed for you. Our team supports you in creating interior living spaces that combine beauty, comfort and functionality. Our goal is to make the most of a space to adapt it to your needs and your image. Thus, our intervention brings added value to satisfy the extent of our clientele: residential, multi-residential, commercial, offices, institutional.

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  • Study to the Building Code and Regulations
  • Study of healthy materials
  • Green certification (e.g. LEED, Living Building Challenge)

Sustainable architecture specialist

Led by our LEED accredited professionals, we design buildings and interiors that respect the principles of sustainable development (pages in french language).

-How to distinguish the ecological certifications adapted to your project?

-What are their specific terms?

Zarate Lavigne - Service design urbain

Urban design

Our conception of an innovative urban space implies the art of connecting users and the objects that compose it. By focusing on the user experience, we create friendly places that reinforce cultural identity. We celebrate large and small spaces through their (re) development and enhancement.

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  • Context Studies (heritage, historical, urban, socioeconomic, etc.);
  • Study of the built environment;
  • Design of public spaces (park, square, street, etc.);
  • Landscaping Design ;
  • Design of overall development plan and living environment (commercial, residential, etc.);
  • Development of urban planning and regulatory guidelines (PPU, PIIA, urban plan, master plan, strategic vision, etc.)
  • Production of 3D models and renderings;
  • Preparation of planning guides ;
  • Production of sales-related and promotional documents

To find out more, find our reflection work around urban design (page in french language).

Our experts also support you in the development of your Eco-district and eco-village project (page in French language) .

Zarate Lavigne - Service technico-légale

Consulting services

For more than twenty years, we have offered consulting services to managers and administrators of condominium associations, housing coops and institutional establishments, private and public. Our expertise covers all areas of the building envelope: roofing, siding, doors and windows, foundations, any issue of air and water tightness.

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  • Construction expertise;
  • Technical and Legal expertise;
  • Inspection of facades;
  • Roof inspection;
  • Maintenance schedule;
  • Legal expertise;
  • Plans and specifications;
  • Call for tenders and analysis of tenders;
  • Obtaining permits;
  • Work supervision

Construction Claims become litigation ?

We can help you ! We have been recognized as construction experts by the civil courts since 1990. Our rigorous procedure for analyzing and supporting your legal claim will go a long way in helping you have your legal rights respected. You can also find technical advice on our dedicated page.(pages in French language)