ZΛRΛTÉ LΛVIGNE ARCHITECTES is an interdisciplinary team of architects and designers from the field of sustainable development who are passionate about creating user-friendly and dynamic buildings and urban spaces.

Founded in 1989 by architects Eduardo Zaraté and Jean-François Lavigne, ZΛRΛTÉ LΛVIGNE began by carrying out several large-scale industrial projects. Over the years, ZL diversifies its activities for all by embracing sustainable development.

Today, ZΛRΛTÉ LΛVIGNE dedicates its design talents and expertise to the production of living environments that contribute to wellness, relying on leading practices in sustainable development and proactive accompaniment with our clients.

Recent projets :

Zarate Lavigne - Revitalisation du patrimoine historique à saint-jean-de-matha
Institutional / Urban design

Church of Saint-Jean de Matha

Zarate Lavigne - bâtiment LEED OR sur 2eme avenue

2nd avenue

Zarate Lavigne - aménagement urbain
Urban design