Our team combines the search for beauty and environmental performance, social inclusion and the enhancement of the cultural identity of our clients. We believe that excellence is revealed when we manage successfully the best strings of our multidisciplinary approach with simplicity and user-friendliness.

Zarate Lavigne - Architecte Jean-Pierre Lavigne

Jean-François Lavigne

Associate Architect Fonder



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Passionate about travel, photography and contemporary art, Jean-François completed his bachelor’s degree in architecture at Laval University. He notably studied in Mexico, where he met the architect Ricardo Legoretta who inspired him. In Belgium, he got to know the architect Lucien Kroll, whose influence he recognizes. He obtained a Master’s degree in Housing Design from McGill University under the supervision of architect Norbert Schoenauer, a specialist in vernacular architecture. In 1989 he founded with Eduardo Zarate the firm ZΛRΛTÉ + LΛVIGNE Architectes and in 2012 Maxime Brosseau architect became partner. Over the years, Jean-François has designed, estimated and supervised complex and large-scale projects in the residential, institutional and industrial sectors, in particular residences for the elderly with more than 200 units. At the same time, he has carried out numerous personalized projects. His practice is characterized by proactive customer support, which reinforces the identity of the projects carried out. The combination of his professional values, vast experience and technical skills make it possible to create living environments with a human dimension. Jean-François is recognized as an expert witness in construction before the courts and by the Quebec Architects Insurance Fund. For more than 20 years, he has acted as a technical consultant for numerous condominium associations and housing coops.

Zarate Lavigne - Architecte Maxime Brosseau

Maxime Brosseau

Associate Architect



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Maxime Brosseau is in search of a unique philosophy of an architecture of happiness, porous and without borders, uniting people and nature. This personal research has let him to become the architect in charge of sustainable development at ZΛRΛTÉ LΛVIGNE and a spokesperson for regenerative architecture addressing our social, human and environmental needs. Maxime completed his Master’s degree in architecture from Laval University in 2008. In 2012, he became partner in the firm. Each project under his leadership reflects on the quality of spaces and materials, in connection with an architecture that has the power to make people happy. This unusual optimistic vision of architecture led him to work on two of the first projects registered in Quebec aiming for the Living Building Challenge certification and to be president of the Living Future Collaboratif of Montreal.

Zarate Lavigne - Architecte Laurent Roy

Laurent Roy




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An adept of nature walks and urban explorations, Laurent Roy has a master’s degree in architecture from the University of Montreal and he nourishes his practice through experience and active contemplation. As a project manager at ZΛRΛTÉ LΛVIGNE since 2014, his great creative capacity and his search for innovative ideas have proven to be valuable assets. Each of his projects creates a unique place that responds to the lifestyle and values of clients. He likes to study the possibilities of a project from several angles in order to extract their essential nature. Easy going, he establishes a valuable dialogue with his clients. Laurent focuses his efforts on creating humble architecture that fits well into its environmental context.

Zaraté Lavigne-portrait carolyne Kelly Dorais designer urbain

Carolyn Kelly Dorais

Urban designer – Project manager – LFA


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Endowed with boundless creativity and an excellent spirit of synthesis, Carolyn Kelly Dorais explores the links between multiple urban and social realities through in-depth and rigorous urban analysis. A collaborator for 5 years at ZΛRΛTÉ LΛVIGNE, she joined the team full-time in 2019, and is in charge of planning and municipal regulations. As the urban design project manager, she holds a master’s degrees in urban design and urban studies. With a bachelor’s degree in psychology, her previous experience with elderly people with cognitive disorders shapes her way of designing urban space in a human way. As a member of the “Collaboratif Montréal” of the “Living Building Challenge”, Carolyn participates in the realization of projects aimed at certification.

zaraté lavigne -technologue vincent morneau

Vincent Morneau

Architectural Technologist


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As a very organized and realist person by nature, Vincent has a great capacity for understanding and acquiring a global vision when several factors are at play. He knows how to apprehend the various problems and constraints, as complex as they may be, during the design phase or the construction phase of a project. He graduated from the Cégep du Vieux-Montréal in architectural technology in 2014, and has since developed his expertise with the ZΛRΛTÉ LΛVIGNE team. He now cumulates 7 years of experience as a technologist. Thanks to his particular attention to detail and his knowledge of the Quebec Construction Code, Vincent always finds the most appropriate and durable building solutions.

Zarate Lavigne - technologue Pierre-Kevin-Maweja

Pierre Kevin Maweja

Architectural technologist


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Passionate about science and technology, Pierre Kevin has a diploma in architectural technology from Cégep André-Laurendeau. He accumulates knowledge and experience during his college career, which gives him a global vision of architecture. At the end of his academic career, he joined the ZΛRΛTÉ LΛVIGNE team in 2021 where he held a position as an architectural technologist. Calm and focused by nature, he intends to develop his knowledge and know-how in the field of architecture thanks to his attentive mind and his curiosity.

Zarate Lavigne -Portrait de Virginie

Virginie Douine

Social medias manager Consultant

virginie@zaratelavigne. com

Virginie joined the ZΛRΛTÉ LΛVIGNE team during 2020 to disseminate the humanist vision of eco-responsible architecture. A challenge that she thinks must become a construction standard in Quebec. Curious by nature, Virginie continually deploys and acquires various skills to achieve her goals. On the strength of her studies in France in “Applied arts” to industry and then in “Contemporary art and new media”, she taught plastic arts in secondary schools before moving on to a web profession. To use visual communication to support a message for a just cause animates her. Promoting sustainable construction by ZΛRΛTÉ LΛVIGNE is one of those noble unifying causes of real humanism.