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Services prior to construction

Whether you have a general idea or a well-defined project, we can assist you.

What is the building potential of a piece of land? How many apartments or condos can you build? What type of project will be accepted by the City? What construction budget should you prepare for? Trust us in defining for you the regulatory requirements, the site planning potential, the preparation of permit or minor derogation applications, and the estimation of the construction cost.

Our designers will then take over to conceive durable and contextual buildings. Our interiors are always harmonized with the buildings we design!

You are finally ready to put out a call for tenders with our technical support. We will analyse the tenders received and the guarantees offered to you by the bidders, so you can make the best possible choice of General Contractor.

    • Feasibility studies

    • Functional and technical programming

    • Verification of compliance with construction regulations

    • Minor Derogation and Zoning Change applications

    • Site Development and Architectural Integration Plan (PIIA)

    • Overall planning

    • Integration of architecture with corporate branding

    • Architectural illustration (virtual perspectives)

    • Architectural design

    • Interior design

    • Estimates

    • Preparation of construction drawings and specifications

    • Preparation of contractual documents (agreement with the contractor)

    • Tender and bid analysis

    • Technical assistance to bidders

Services during construction

Only a building that is supervised during construction will be durable and of high quality. We will inspect the quality of the construction, until final delivery. We will verify payment requests presented by the contractors to make sure that they correspond to the work in progress. We will prepare lists of deficiencies in order to verify that the contract work has been completely executed.

  • Construction site supervision

  • Inspection of work progress

  • Verification of payment requests

  • Verification of workshop drawings

  • Issuance of construction site instructions

  • Certificate of substantial completion

  • End of work certificate

Services after construction

Your building is already in service? We can inspect it, diagnose it, and prepare a maintenance program. A loss has occurred? We can support you through construction litigation or when you file an insurance claim. We can plan, design and supervise all types of corrective work to your building.

  • Inspection of façades and roofs

  • Inspection of communal areas

  • Official BOMA measuring certificate

  • Legal expertise

  • Maintenance program

  • “As built” drawings